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Tickets 2024

RCT Photo Marathon 2024

8 June 2024 @ 10:00am

Join us for our fourth year of

The first 36 tickets will be in a prize draw with a chance to win a hand printed Rhondda grey Bagsy event t-shirt.


New for 2024

VIP Tickets include an official RCTPhotoMarathon T-shirt (hand printed by THE Bagsy in the Rhondda), event ticket, merch and free drink at the awards evening. 

Event Ticket Information 

VIP ticket bundles include a pre order t-shirt, which will be posted prior to the event with your event card.


If you wish to reuse a previous wooden event card you can by using the 6 letters/number on the reverse of the card between the [ ] eg "CosHnw" as a coupon at check out (you will not need to enter your event number). If you a reusing more than one card please check ot and pay for each card individually.


Family ticket will allow 2 adults and upto 3 children to take part with up to 40% discount. 


Pay it forward 2-4-1 will allow someone to take part who may not otherwise be able to. When buying this ticket please complete the check out with your information so we can keep you up to date. For each pay it forward ticket we will match with a second. NOTE: T-shirt pay it forwards will go to you and not the event attendee.


Any Camera • Anywhere • Any Age • Any Ability 


Established 2020 | •  •  ©  2023  •  2024 • Not for profit community photography event •  We support Valleys Kids.


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