Frequently asked questions

General Stuff

What is a Photomarathon?

A Photomarathon is an event that allows its participants to express creativity through the medium of Photography. In a 24 hour time frame you will receive 12 topics that will require a single image submission for each. 24 hours - 12 images.

What are the rules again?

At RCT Photomarathon HQ we think rules are there to be broken, but seriously.. some of these are important. 1. Stay safe. We don't want any injuries. 2. Pictures must be taken by you (obviously) on the day of the event. 3. Due to uncertainties around Covid19 we have relaxedthe rule about taking your 12 pictures in RCT. We will now welcome pictures from wherever you are on the day. 4. Pictures must be taken in topic Order.

I'm not from RCT can I take part?

You can enter even if you don't live in the RCT we will welcome pictures from wherever you are on the day.

I’m not creative is this for me?

Yes. The Photomarathon is for everybody of all abilities. We provide the topics and you take the photos of what you think corresponds to the topic. There is no wrong answer.

Do I need to travel for this?

Not at all. In fact if you wanted to you could do all your photos from bed. We won't judge. Just keep it PG.

Can I take part if I don’t have a fancy camera?

Of course. We encourage the use of any digital cameras as well as smart phone cameras. As long as you can upload to our system, anything goes.

Do I need my own memory card?

Yep! You don't want to get to the end of the 24 hours and realise you haven't got your images backed up.. not fun.

Can I edit my photos?

There are no limits on creativity. At Photomarathon HQ we think that editing can be a way to enhance great images. There are plenty of accessible free editing apps on the App Store. We will have these listed for you on event day.

Why don't you release all the topics at the start of the 24 hours?

Because that would be too easy. And we would like to keep you entertained for the full event time. It gives you time to think about the topics you currently have before moving onto the next. More info click here.

So do I need to take my topics in order of topic release?

Please, please, make judging a little easier for us and shoot your photos in order of the topics. We don't want to play match the photo to the topic. Every topic will be clearly numbered.Make sure to follow our social media accounts for topic releases, tips and ideas on event day. More info click here.

How will you get the images?

All images need to be uploaded to the "cloud" before the end of the event time. This will allows you to upload your images from any device and from anywhere*. Meaning if you are running VERY close to the deadline you will be able to upload from wherever you end up. * 3G or Wifi required so just about anywhere may be not underground in the heritage park etc .. just about any where :-) . Other accessibility solution will be made available if required.

What happens afterwards?

Photomarathon is a competition. We want this to be a fun day for everyone involved. BUT there will be winners. Each topic will have its own winner. There will then be one overall winner for our under 18s. And one overall winner for our over 18s. Regardless to your ticket entry, everybody is counted as an individual. That’s 13 chances to win something!

Awards night

2022 TBA

What do I win?

Photomarathon HQ are working hard to bring you prizes from local RCT businesses. All prizes will be announced closer to the date.

Boring but important info..

The photographer will always keep the right to the images. We will display them for at least one evening at the awards evening. …. But the photographer will own the images and the right to remove the images from the display if they should want to.

What format?

JPEG please

About us

Hey i am Gaby Bromage With 3 years of Photomarathon participation experience when the opportunity came up to do one so close to home I knew I had to get on board! I'm currently studying BA Press & Editorial Photography at Falmouth University and did A level Photography at Coleg y Cymoedd. So you could say Photography is my greatest passion. To see so many others interpret a topic all in completely different ideas is so interesting and I can't wait to see the outcome! Gaby Marketing and Social Media Alan Bromage I had my first camera when I was 9yrs old. Studied A level Photography at Chippenham Tec College and film and tv at Newport film school. Have survived 3 years of PhotoMarathon participation in Cardiff PhotoMarathon. Also completed a picture a day for a year (that was more challenging than it sounds!) Sat scrolling though facebook back last year and something came up about the PhotoMarathon in Cardiff. I mentioned it to Gaby that she had been quoted in the news article^ and we both said we missed the event and perhaps we should do one in the Rhondda and here we are planning our first! Alan Bank of Mum & Dad! ^ Wales On Line

Not For Profit

RCT Photomarathon is Not for Profit.

No one will be receiving payment for organising the event and their time is given voluntarily. Full accounts will be published on the event website once the event has finished and final bills paid >> more info << .

What is the ticket sales money spent on?

RCT Photomarathon is not for profit, no one organising the photo marathon will receive payment and their time is voluntary.

Ticket revenue will be used to cover cost of venue hire, printing of all the images, Prizes, event Web site / Cloud upload solution, card / merchant fees, stationary/printing, postage, your event lanyards & event passes, event marketing and a limited number of branded merchandises items.