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Terms & Conditions 

  1. Your picture can be taken and uploaded from anywhere in the world. 

  2. Our emails may fall into your Spam Folder, please don’t forget to check there. 

  3. We would recommend following us on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram. 

  4. Your picture can be taken in any format. Eg: phone, digital camera, old school film, (pin hole camera images have been submitted in the past), but the final image needs to be uploaded in JPEG. 

  5. Your photo need to be taken by YOU between 10am on the 31oct 2020 and 10am on the 1st of of November 2020 (your local time).

  6. Photo editing IS accepted. 

  7. Your image needs to be uploaded by the 1st of November @ 10am (your local time). 

  8. Your picture needs to be PG as all age entrants will have access to our gallery space. 

  9. The picture copyright remains with you. However we may use your picture in our gallery and any marketing by us and

  10. Your safety and well-being is really important please abide by any ristriction in your area. Do not put others or yourself in danger. 

  11. Taking part is at your own risk and we are not liable for your actions. 

  12. Don’t forget the event is for fun!

  13. The prize hoodie will be custom-made for the winner (while we hope it will be as shown we may need to change the style dependent on supply). We will post the garment to the winner. 

  14. We are a Father and Daughter team and the RCTphotomarthon project and events are Not For Profit. We will respond to msgs as soon as we can however its just the 2 of us. :-) 

  15. Hey!! Have you really read this far well done you. 

  16. Finally, please stay safe have fun and enjoy. 

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