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Help uploading your picture to our                         account.  


Mobile & tablets

You will need your 12pics taken in the correct order (with any editing completed) and your event card.

Card2022Web v2 front JPEG_edited_edited.jpg

PC & Macs

Limited Edition
Wood Only

Screenshot 2022-05-08 at 20.05.38.png



Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 12.15_edited.png

Using the device you have your 12pics saved on either scan the QR code found on your
event card or Cover . 

Card2022Web v2 front JPEG_edited_edited.jpg

with a NFC enabled phone
tap your event card.
(This function does not work on Limited Edition cards)

Type in the web address found on the reverse of your event card or on the card cover.
eg: Smugmug/upload/Kswd7/101
Please note this is case sensitive.

Mobile & Tablets uploads 

   I M P O R T A N T   

Please upload each picture individually in subject order as explained below, to ensure your 12 pictures are in the correct order

(it is possible to bulk upload but please don't). 


Your event number should be shown. If it's not your number pls let us know! >> ClickHere <<

Tap “Add Photos”

and select your first pic only which will be subject #1 and click add.

You will then see the "Hooray! That's 1 happier photo :)" msg.


Repeat this process 

clicking add photos button for your 2nd picture only

and click add.


Repeat this for the remaining

images adding each one in turn in subject order.


Once you have uploaded your 12 pics tap “Done” top of the upload screen.


This will then take you to your 12 pictures. Pls check the images are correct for submission and in their correct order.

Thats it your done

And relax

If something's not right

 let us know and we will sort it for you. >> ClickHere <<


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