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How do you know which images are mine?

Your upload space is unique to you and your event number will be shown in the upload space.

Can anyone else access my space?

Only yourself and RCTPhotoMarathon can access the space. The URL is unique to your event number. (Unless you share the link with others).

What's Smugmug?

SmugMug is your do-it-all photo place. They have been very supportive of RCTPhotoMarathon and one of our prefererred suppliers. If you liked, and would like to try a free trial, you can use the following link: to get 20% off.

What devices can I upload from?

Mobile phones, tablets, PC, laptops, Macs.

What format do my pictures need to be uploaded in?

JPEG only please.

"Invalid login" msg when uploading an image

Invalid login!

No problem this one seems to effect iPhones mostly due to the recent security update. (It may also effect other OS) which prevents "Cross-Site Tracking".

There are a couple of solutions to resolve this issue. :-)

The quickest way to resolve is to scan the QR code or use the upload link on the front of your event letter rather than your event card. (This will take you directly to Smugmug upload rather than a redirect from No longer have the letter no problem let us know and we can help >> Click Here <<.

The Longer (techy way) if your camera uses safari when the QR code is scanned you will need to turn on "Prevent Cross-site Tracking". If the techy way does not work for you try the quickest way explained above.

Still having an issue? Let us know and we can help. >> Click Here <<.

^ What is cross site tracking? This allows key infomation to be passed from one web site to another in our case your event number login details from to Smugmug.

Both and the direct smugmug will take you to RCTPhotomarathons uploaded / gallery.

The QR code on your event card and letter will both take you to your upload space.

However the QR code and URL on the event letter is designed to solve the issue we have found with "Cross site tracking".

Specific help uploading.

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