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Reuse your event card

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If you have your 2022 event card and wish to re-use it for 2023 and can keep it safe til Saturday 10th June 2023 we will be able to give you a 20% discount on your 2023 event ticket. 

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Turn your event card over and use the 6 letter/numbers as your voucher at check out.

Example 1B8DxS 

Please note it will be case sensative.

Do not use your event number or the / 


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If your wish to buy more than one 2023 event ticket with multiple 2022 event cards you will need to add one event ticket at a time to your basket and check out with each voucher separately.
Please note if you are looking to purchase a family ticket and have all your 2022 event cards please email us for further instructions.


Award Night
Friday 4th August 2023
Physical Gallery display from

7th Aug 2023
@  Art In The Attic




+ Virtual Gallery



12subjects 12pics 24hrs
more info click here

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