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Katy Evans

I’d never taken part in a Photomarathon before, I’d heard of them, mainly the Cardiff ones, in which a couple of family members had taken part a few years back. ‘I’m not a photographer’ is what I told myself when asked to take part in the RCT Photomarathon, I don’t even own a camera!  Yet there I was at 10am waiting for the first set of subjects to be released..... Read more


Jacqui Onions

I loved every second of taking part in the RCT Photomarathon. The whole event was impeccably planned and organised with an attention to detail and professionalism that made it so easy for even a photomarathon newbie like me to get involved, follow the rules, and throw myself into the event. I particularly loved the subjects selected and how they pushed me creatively to think about....Read more 

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