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I’d never taken part in a Photomarathon before, I’d heard of them...

...mainly the Cardiff ones, in which a couple of family members had taken part a few years back. ‘I’m not a photographer’ is what I told myself when asked to take part in the RCT Photomarathon, I don’t even own a camera! Yet there I was at 10am waiting for the first set of subjects to be released. Had I suddenly become a photographer? Had I been out and bought a super expensive digital SLR? (not going to lie I had to google that) No to both. I headed out with my phone, a couple of battery packs (essential!) and a box of Lego (my chosen theme!). I had the best of days! I headed to loads of different locations around South Wales and saw RCTphotomarathon lanyards everywhere I went! This is an event for ALL ages and ALL abilities, don’t question whether you can or can’t do it just do it! Do it on your own, do it as a family, you won’t be disappointed! I for one cannot wait for the event in 2022!!

Top Tips: Wear comfy shoes! You WILL walk miles looking for that perfect spot to shoot from! Don’t forget to eat and drink! Stay hydrated and fed – it’s a long day and you’ll need to keep your energy up! Don’t stress if you don’t get the pic you crave, you’ll get the next one! Enjoy the day! When you see your photos in the exhibition weeks later they’ll bring back a host of happy memories!

Katy Evans

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