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We chose Red and black to be our branding colours because one of use loved the old fashioned dark room (hence the red safe light in a dark room) and black for those really dark parts of the dark room. 



What's with the red box's? 

They symbolise your 12 pics lined up on the gallery boards. 


You are free to use any camera to take part. A camera phones are great. Digital SLR, a pin hole camera! A drone a mirror less camera and if you dare use a door bell camera if you wish it is your choice. Your free to take each picture with a different device. 

What is This is our online gallery. Which holds all your images from each RCTPhotoMarathon event. We also use it as our upload platform powered by the great folks at


"We're all in this together" The RCT Photomarathon is unlike the Photomarathons that have been before. This is an event spread across the entire RCT community. - From Llantrisant all the way to Penderyn.. there are plenty of unique places to explore and capture photos of.

Because of the distance to cover in this Photomarathon the community is going online.

Of course you might bump into somebody during the day with a panicked expression and a PhotoMarathon event card, but it is entirely likely you might not meet anyone until awards evening. 

We are encouraging all participants to keep their social media's updated through out the day, as will we at Photomarathon HQ and we can maintain the excitement and buzz. There is definitely a massive thrill when taking part in a Photomarathon and a HUGE sense of achievement.

Taking part Cardiff PhotoMarathon 2014 Category "We're all in this together" Runner up Thats Me & Me


​RCT Photomarathon is “Not for Profit” no one will be receiving payment for organising the event and their time is given voluntarily. Full accounts will be published on the event website once the event has finished and final bills paid.

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Finally the RCT Photomarathon running man there is no need to run the marathon is the 12 pictures. Unless you want to run that is!

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Screenshot 2021-12-20 at 16.44.43.png

T-shirts hand printed in the Rhondda by Bagsy

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