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*** Event Postponed ***

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Hey we hope to find you well.

We have, like everyone, been keeping a very keen eye on the ongoing issue of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

There is no requirement for those taking part to congregate and therefore the event on the 18th & 19th April would be considered low to medium risk.

We however need to consider the following.

1) A number of those taking part are OAP and are in the at risk group.

2) There will be a requirement for us to print images on A0 boards for judging, exhibition and award night. While suppliers do not currently have a supply issue there is no guarantee over the coming weeks this will not become an issue.

3) The Award night in June could be considered high risk due to a large group of people coming together. We don't know how the next few weeks may develop.

4) We are a family & volunteer not for profit event and two of the family are considered as 'Key Workers' and we don't know what the coming weeks will mean for our free time.

5) A number of people are intending to travel from further afield.

For these Reasons we have taken the decision to this event.

So what next?

We still want to run the RCT PhotoMarathon event we just don't know when. Our Promise to you - We will keep you updated.

Those who have brought event tickets.

We will publish new event dates as soon as we can. If the date is not suitable we will refund you in full.

While we have incurred some costs in arranging the event so far -

The event cards, Lanyards & Event Info is all done and ready to go.

We are fortunate some of the big costs have not yet been incurred (Printing, Venue hire, event merchandise and prizes) We took the decision from beginning to ring fence tickets sales revenue in a dedicated Starling Bank Account (excluding Paypal and card merchant fees).

Going forward we will keep in touch with you through the following channels.

Email - Social Media - Website and Text msgs from our my12pics account.

If you have any question or concerns please let us know either by

using the contact form on our website or email

or on social media.

Stay safe every one.

Alan Bromage & Gaby Bromage

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