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** Event2021 **

We have some big news to announce.

The RCT PhotoMarathon will now go ahead on ...

Saturday the June 5th 2021.

We have updated our website ( with the full updated information. But here’s a list of the main pointers you need to know:

  • The main rules will remain the same. 12 Subjects, 12 Photos, 24 Hours.

  • Due to the uncertainty of local and national restrictions we are going to relax the location rule. We have quite a few ticket holders who do not live in RCT and we do not want anybody to miss out. For this reason we will accept images from anywhere. (Although images taken within RCT are encouraged they will not be favoured).

We have outlined a contingency plan so that we can run on June 5th (unless a meteor hits the Earth). The plan is in full on our website but the main pointers are:

Event day

  • Subject titles will be released on social media throughout the day regardless of the situation.

  • If it is safe to do so the RCT Photomarathon team will be available at The Factory during the morning and the Heritage Park during the afternoon on the day of the event to hand out subjects in person and for any general enquiries. If it is not safe to do so we will be available via social media and email all day.

Award evening

  • An awards evening will take place after the event. If restrictions are in place this will now take place online. If we are safe to do so the awards evening will take place in person. (Location and date TBA).

  • A physical gallery will be dependent on restrictions. However, we must stress we are eager for this to happen. It may just be a case of visiting the space as an individual (with friends and family) rather than collectively.

  • A virtual gallery will be uploaded regardless to the situation.

We want to once again thank everybody for the incredible support and patience we have received.

Gaby & Alan

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