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Just 35 days to go!

Thirty five millimetre film and it's influence on the coveted full frame digital camera makes 35 a special number for us. To celebrate 35 days to go, our sponsor Julian Master from Official Exclusive (Brooklyn New York), has sent these amazing enamel pin badges for our 2022 Event Winner, Runner Up and Under 18 Winner. Three of our lucky Subject Winners will also win one of these simply beautiful pin badges.

About Official Exclusive "We make stuff for Photographers and people who love film. Film is not dead!" Brooklyn, NY Follow Official Exclusive Facebook Instagram


We can also announce that during the 11th June 2022 your event card will get you a 10% discount off hot drinks at Caffe Bracchi and there are plenty of photo opportunities as well. (Rhondda Heritage Park)


We can also announce that one of our subject Winners will receive an official RCTPhotoMarathon Hoodie! (Not this one this ones mine).


Event cards for 2022 event will be posted mid to end of May.

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