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Updated: May 4, 2020

1st Place - Gavin Jones Gavin’s image made us all smile, we kept noticing new things in the image that made us love it even more. We also loved the use of postproduction. Congratulations!!

2nd Place - Jacqueline Jones Thomas Jacqueline’s image stood out for us because of the uplifting feel and warm, cosy lighting. We also loved the addition of the teddy.

Honourable Mention - Katie Harrington Katie’s image was taken using a homemade pinhole camera. We loved seeing the extra mile she went for her image, taping her camera to the railings outside her house - in true Photomarathon spirit.

We will be getting in touch via email so don’t forget to check your inboxes.

A massive thankyou to everybody who got involved over the weekend, the full gallery is live to view at - we are also gradually uploading it to our Instagram page @ rctphotomarathon.

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